Start the year off with a clean closet – and new shoes!

January 7, 2011

Lots of great things flowing into June with the start of the new year!

A new Louis Vuitton monogram checkbook cover.

A Louis Vuitton monogram Musette GM with the long strap!

Alway, only authentic at June!

Overheard at June recently:

“Wow, I thought your things would be too expensive. Your prices are unbelieveable!”

“This is like a museum. There’s so much to look at!”

“These are the most beautiful things. There must be some great closets in Minneapolis.”

“I’ve been meaning to stop in but didn’t think you had things I could wear. Was I wrong!”

“I just got a new job and need clothes now!”

“There’s nothing like this in London!”

Cleaning out your closets as a fresh start? Bring those pieces to June and make some money! June is a buy outright resale shop. Rather than wait for your items to sell at a consignment store, either at full price or as they get marked down, you make money right away when you sell at June.

Bring in styles from the past few years that have been recently cleaned – no appointment necessary. Bring in as much as you have – clothes, bags, shoes, belts, sunglasses, hats, scarves – please be sure pieces are absolutely currently cleaned.

No appointment is needed. Your pieces will be looked at and you’ll be offered a price for things June can use. If it’s busy when you stop by you’re welcome to browse and have a seat. Or, do what a lot of long time clients do – drop things off, run errands and stop back.

If your things may work better elsewhere, there are many wonderful resale and consignment stores in the area: b. (a resale shop), Rodeo Drive, Fashion Avenue and Fashion Avenue 2, GH2 – and many more!

Minneapolis is known for its great resale options! I hear it all the time from visiting stylists, photographers, tourists and people moving back to Minnesota from afar!

Support local businesses, make some money rather than contribute to the massive amounts of discarded clothing, and find clothing, bags, shoes and accessories to add to your new year wardrobe you didn’t know existed at amazing prices!


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